Pattern Inspection System (Vi series)

The optical inspection system with high speed and accuracy that can finds wiring patterns, cracks, and particles and etc.

Vi-series Specification

  Vi-4207R, C Vi-4307M, CVi-5301M
Wafer Size~200mm~300mm
LoaderOpen CassetteOpen Cassette, FOUP, FOSB
Defect Size(μm) 1.2/ 2.4 / 5.0 (objective lens 10x / 5x / 2.5x)
SizeW2280xD1140xH2060W2280xD1140xH2060 W2600xD1440xH1790
ApplicationCMOS Image Sensor, Power device, RF Filter, MEMS, Glass, TAIKO Wafer

1. Example of defects

2. Fine detection by area(layer) classification

  • The area classification realizes multiple inspection sensitivity and tolerance depending on features of device pattern.
  • Each area can have inspection parameters.

3. Refined image by various lighting and color image

  • Defects that cannot be detected by grayscale inspection can be detected by color inspection.
  • Combination of various light makes invisible defects see.

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