Non-Pattern Surface Inspection System (WM series)

Non-patterned 300mm Wafer surface Inspection system

WM - 10R is a standard model of 300 mm wafer.
It is a high sensitivity inspection system of 60 nm.

Non-patterned below 200mm Wafer surface Inspection system

WM - 7 series is the most reasonable high - performance model below 200 mm wafer size.

WM-series Specification

  WM-10R WM-7SR
Sensitivity 48nm@Bare-Wafer 79nm(61nm optional)@Bare-Wafer
Wafer Size ~300mm ~200mm
Optical Source Laser Diode
Loader Open Cassette/FOUP/FOSB (1 or 2) Open Cassette
Size 1,482(W)×1,229(D)×1,960(H) mm 860(W) x 905(D) x 1,655(H) mm
Application Bare-Wafer/Filmed-wafer

1. Original Optical System for High-sensitivity

  • WM-10 have 2axis Incident angle for particle.
  • WM-series have 2 wide NA lens for High-sensitivity detected.

2. Spiral Scan With high-resolution XY-position

  • WM-series are spiral scan method with rotation speed control.
  • XY-Data send to EB review Equipment then it can be review with easy alignment.

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